Mar 28, 2019

Bloom Forecast Mar 28 - Apr 4

Our models suggest that in the next week lake conditions will most likely stay clear of harmful algae and toxins. no-alignment Probability of occurrence (%) of different algal concentrations (left) and whether a toxin will be present in the water (right) in the next week.

Latest lake conditions

Water samples from the lake were analyzed for nutrients and algal concentrations. In addition, information on the weather was collected. These data are presented below as a percentage of their historical maxima. image-center
Last sampled conditions at Detroit Lake, including the weather (temperature, wind, rain and sunlight) as well as the concentration of algae and nutrients (total phosphates and nitrates).

Where we are in the season

It is March and historically there have been very few algal blooms this month. image-center Number of algal blooms since 2013, for each month in the year.